A Pattern
Published on June 13, 2009 By Dan Kaschel In Sex & Romance


I have this theory that men have a miner's instincts.  A miner does his job, goes home, then the next day goes to the end of the mineshaft and keeps digging.  Goes home, comes back, goes to the end of the mineshaft, and keeps digging, every day going farther and farther.  Likewise, when it comes to women men tend to get as far as they can, go home, come back, go to where they left off and keep pressing farther.
It's a terrible habit, because women instinctually lose respect for men who are always pressed up against that wall, trying to get farther.  I think it's because they know (again, instinctually) that the vast majority of men will suddenly and inexplicably lose interest as soon as they actually manage to get to the other side (have sex), and women often only have power in the interim.
I'm speaking from personal experience, here.  Wish I got this e-mail about 10 years ago.  Oh well.


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