Published on May 12, 2007 By Dan Kaschel In Writing
This one goes out to all the articles I began but never finished. Sometimes you give it all you've got but it just isn't enough.

This one goes out to all the loves that almost happened. They're spread across the nation and the world by now, and (but maybe this is a coincidence) so am I.

This one goes out to everybody still looking for their place in the world. "Lost" may not be the best place to be, but it's certainly not the loneliest.

This one goes out to the tears that dropped like an angel's crystal coffin from rim to rim with only a brief glisten for a lifespan. It still counts as crying.

This one goes out to the plans I made for us. The better half of "us" is gone now, and this is the only funeral those half-plans will have.

This one goes out to the worst birthday you ever had. May it remain the worst.

This one goes out to sad songs and lonely nights. God bless the guitar.

There is no light without darkness. We humans are vessels, and we learn ourselves when we are empty--not when we are full.

This one goes out to wise sayings and aphorisms. May they distract so that we may endure.

on May 12, 2007
on May 15, 2007
So nicely written. Great job!
on Oct 25, 2007
It's an odd thing, Dan. I never even considered you having the emotion 'sad'. Sure sad things happen to all of us, but I just always pictured you as impossibly resilient. I also seem to recall many a night with you being distant and gloomy. Now I feel like there's a whole new unexplored Dan. Here's to learning how to deal with extreme differences in friendships. Trinitie