Some remarks on being in Haiti
Published on March 20, 2007 By Dan Kaschel In Work
I knew the world would never be the same when I saw the adjectives drop to the ground like insects and the adverbs go up in flames like moths in a bonfire. Suddenly I was a tiny piece of my own world view and my notions of reality expanded as if I had been peering at a globe and had suddenly backed up. Vocabulary seemed an exercise in a futility, and I felt my whole being fill with the generic and supposedly empty word I've known since I could speak: "big."

As a human, what do I know of size? I know only myself. I am no adjective at all; I am my one and only reference point, the point by which everything in my universe is measured. And the world is big; and what I mean by that (and the reason that word contains everything) is that it is bigger than I am. Physically, that's obvious. But internally, it was a unique admission in my life.

That the world is bigger than I am. It all has to start there, doesn't it?


on Mar 21, 2007

IN one sense, the world is getting smaller - as in we can read of yoru experiences in Haiti in real time, something unheard of 20 years ago.

But in another, the world is big - in that like most of us, we tend to view the world from our own perspectives - until we see that it is not a cookie cutter street map of our home town.

on Mar 23, 2007
A very well articulated personal paradigm shift. That's the kind of ah ha experience it's easy to loose, too. Put it in 92 font above your bed.