Just some thoughts for 2k7
Published on January 1, 2007 By Dan Kaschel In Writing
It’s silly to get all excited about the New Year. After all, isn’t a year just a cultural assignment of meaning to an otherwise meaningless point in time? And what is the New Year but a serial ascension that mirrors precisely the banal progression of one moment to the next. It was 2006 before, and now it’s 2007. Big deal.

New Years resolutions? Ridiculous. Breaking them is as much a cliché as making them; it is simply one more time of the year dedicated to people making promises—and breaking them. A lovely time of year that raises everybody’s spirits, only to use that altitude to dash those same spirits on the cold stone of reality. Wake up kids, nobody changes. The cycles of our lives grind ever onward, and the endless list of frailties that we presume to correct will be the end of us, just as it was the beginning, and the middle, and everything in between.

And yet. Anybody can argue that hope is pointless. It has no substance, no basis. It creates needless vulnerability. And yet. And yet.

The human mind needs motivation to persist in action. The things we do, we do in order to produce an intended effect. Many times, the things that we do not only fail to achieve that objective, but do precisely the opposite; but still, no action is unmotivated.

The incredible thing about the human spirit is that it doesn’t need a logical reason for motivation. It can grasp the faintest excuse for hope and stand upon it like a rock jutting out from the sea. Of course, once you stand up, there’s always the chance that you’ll fall in.

But the view is better.

on Jan 01, 2007
Very insightful read! I hope your 2007 is filled many more insights.
on Jan 01, 2007
So I'm reading the post, thinking "Man, this guy is intellectual!" You definitely have a distinct way of presenting your thoughts. When I scrolled to the top of the article and realized it was your writing, I can't say I was surprised. I hope your silly hopes plays out in 2007.
on Jan 01, 2007
Best log yet of the coming (now) new year.  How did you get so wise at such a young age?  Whatever, dont lose it!
on Jan 01, 2007
"How did you get so wise at such a young age?"

Why, I listened to you, of course.

on Jan 03, 2007

yeah!  Nilly love you!