A introduction to me.
Published on February 28, 2004 By Dan Kaschel In Welcome
Fellow gossipers:

My name is Dan.. I've been around for about half a year. According to popular belief, I'm going to marry Trin (New-age nomad). I'm 17 and have a relatively successful blog ("A Plethora of Thought") that I update regularly. That's probably enough of an intro.


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on Aug 27, 2005



on Aug 29, 2005
way to go and bump a year old thread n00b.
on Aug 29, 2005
wow..that was some serious deja vu.....
on Aug 30, 2005
hello Angie
on Sep 06, 2005
Haha... I can't believe this thread resurrected... did you guys read Imajinit and Muggaz? This was forever ago...

on May 10, 2013

bam.  indeed.   

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