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Published on December 9, 2007 By Dan Kaschel In Personal Relationships
Written by Quin Browne

They kill the sweet baby cows before their eyes turn brown, you know. Pale fleshed, silly creatures, blindly trusting, going into the dark place with the filtered light, the muffled voices, growing complacent, coaxed by soft hands that touch with gentle movements, moving forward from one place to the other, no stress, content with the attention received. Little innocents, who walk into a room to see what is there, sensing no danger, held down, forced into an uncomfortable and scary position, and then it's over. She was aware of all these facts before, but it never affected her ability to enjoy veal. Now, she hates the taste of veal. It was on his breath that night, when he raped her after dinner.

on Dec 09, 2007
I thought that was going one direction, but they blindsided me completely at the end. Nice little allegory there.
on Dec 09, 2007
My reaction exactly.
on Dec 09, 2007

Jesus...that came out of nowhere.


on Dec 10, 2007
Yes it did.
on Dec 10, 2007
Who raped who?
on Dec 13, 2007
Yuck--that's how I felt

on Dec 25, 2007
Merry Christmas in C#, Dan!