A introduction to me.
Published on February 28, 2004 By Dan Kaschel In Welcome
Fellow gossipers:

My name is Dan.. I've been around for about half a year. According to popular belief, I'm going to marry Trin (New-age nomad). I'm 17 and have a relatively successful blog ("A Plethora of Thought") that I update regularly. That's probably enough of an intro.


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on Feb 28, 2004

My name is Michael. No one has the balls to spread rumors about me. I think it's because they know that i would crush them like small pomegranates in my hand...



i am a simple and humble writer of meaningless crap that is seldom read. and i'm ok with that. oh, and i've been a JoeU addict for a little over a month now...
on Feb 28, 2004
Hello Dan and Michael this is Carlos your brain critic. I think most of you are pretty well educated and continue to impress me with your comments. Although I have only posted 4 articles I hope to improve my thought provoking topics. No one knows enough of me to spread anything about me. My job allows me to be on the internet 8 hours a day so I am on periodically through the week...Keep up the interesting topics.
on Feb 28, 2004
I'm Trinitie. Dan, along with a few others, have blessed me with the gift of friendship and have let me get to know them. I'm 18, I don't know how to love, I don't know how to trust, yet, Dan still wants to marry me. Nice eh?

Big Ups to Imajinit! I can't think of any gossip worthy of your legend...

on Feb 29, 2004
I love you Trinitie:)

on Feb 29, 2004
I love you more Dan....


p.s. don't go quotes LIzzy McGuire (sp?)
on Feb 29, 2004
My name is Helen, and I KNOW that a few things have been said about me about, oh..., a month or so ago?? If you don't know, then don't ask!! otherwise, I'm a pretty average gal who writes rambling blogs if and when I can, which I hope people want to read : )

on Feb 29, 2004
Word Up Nigz.

I am Mark.

Also known as the Mug Man, i consider it my perogative to post absolute utter crap to liven the general atmosphere of this site.

I sercretly love Trin, but she has no chance... as you can see... i am one confused individual.

Pleased to make your aquintance

on Feb 29, 2004
My name is Ben.

I have been commenting for all of three days now so I realize that I may be a new face to a lot of you but I intend to take care of that as soon as possible. Much like Muggaz, I post crap, but I take the added measure of making my articles so long that no one has actually made it all the way through one yet. I also choose the most irrelevant topics that way I can ensure that absolutely no one can take offense to anything I write.

Other than that, I am 20 years old, in my second year of college, and enjoying life. No, actually, I was lying. I am really a British millionaire who has nothing better to do than pretend to be a college student. It works both ways folks.
on Feb 29, 2004
My name is Mack, which is a cheap substitute for my Polish middle name which is Maciek. Contrary to popular belief I'm not depressed all the time. I also plan to steal Tirnitie away from Dan. I also have no life and live like a hermit which I blame on me being in a long-distance realtionship, cause I can't have fun without my significant other cause that just sucks. Also imajinit's had problems deciphering my sexuality, how is that coming along mate?
on Feb 29, 2004
I hope that you are well aware that I plan on fighting hard for Trinitie. I'm telling you, she's MINE! Oh wait, no, that's not right at all. Take two. I'M HERS! Just how I like it.

And that, my friends, is exactly how it will stay. Farewell, gentemen.

on Mar 01, 2004
My name is Michael, like the Arch Angle that fought the dragon in Revelation. I was normal until '78. From then until '81 I was a Corpsman with various "groups" spreading the good news of democracy and expanding the U.S. of A.'s foreign policies abroad. I have been with alot of "heart breakers and life takers." This time in my life has totally screwed my views and stances to most all of yours. I have spent the last 23 yrs saving lives, I guess in my way of making retribution for what I like to call my former life.

Religion- I believe in God, I never had an Atheist, (that was concious), die in my hands.

Racist?- No, not me. Most everyone that I've been associated with was dressed in black and bled red. I am from the south and live there now. My neck may be red, my wife of 19yrs is "Yellow" (Chinese). My two sons are Oriental according to the government, because my "white" blood is so thin that it takes generations to make them white.

I've been shot up, blown up, burnt up, broke up, cut up, beat up,and F'd up, all in the name of this great country and protecting the freedoms for everyone to be able to voice their oppinions and live free. That does not mean that I agree with everyones ways. I don't.

I like JoeUser, reading all the different posts and opinions. I quit responding to most because I realized, "what the f***, it doesn't make any difference anyway."

I'm a dinosoar, I know. You all seem to have it figured out nicely. I will be content to retire in my log home on the lake, draw my "mailbox" retirement money, even though everything I have will be paid for, and finally live in peace.

Anyway, I thought that ya'll might want to know that "pappy" is out here, and reading your posts.

Muggaz, I like you, I hope you get right.

Capt -is "depressed"
Capt - saw another 13yr old boy die today
Capt - needs another Budlite
on Mar 01, 2004
No, that aint right. I was wondering what happened to you just today! We miss you.... and now that I know all this about you, I love you even more. Please resume leaving comments...it really does make a difference, I assure you.

Muggaz, I like you too, and I hope you get right.

on Mar 01, 2004
.... everyone seems to think their is something wrong with me!!!!!!!

Its my freaken b'day!!! I'm in a fantastical mood!


on Mar 01, 2004
Hey muggs, I don't think there's anything wrong with you. That was really a comment to myself I guess. Your cool, if that's you. Just keep on keepin on man.

Happy birthday! I think I already told you that, but everyone of them is a "blessing",
on Apr 12, 2004
Muggaz, there's defintitely something odd about you.... dunno if I'd call it "wrong" though:)

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